How Vacuum Cleaners Work?

The vacuum cleaner looks a very small machine but it performs a number of functions to clean the surface. The vacuum cleaner consists of two parts these are bag, and the house.

  • The bag is the portion, which is used to keep the dirt that is sucked by the cleaner.
  • The house is the portion, which is used to keep the brushes and other parts.

how vacuum cleaners work

You may ask how vacuum cleaners work? However the work that vacuum cleaner performs is very simple. When you plug on the vacuum cleaner the fan starts on operating and there is motor on which vacuum cleaner is based. The fan is the part from where noise comes. The fan is not the simple one it has blades, which perform the function properly. The fan is the portion, which basically moves the air in the upward direction.

The blade is the part, which is used to make the air denser than the air, which is present on the upper portion of the fan. The fan moves the air in the upper direction and moves it in the outtake valve, which is present at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.

The valve is basically connected to the bag which contains the item sucked by the vacuum cleaner. Some part of air enters in to the bag and some of it leaves the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner logic is the same as that of physics and tornado and vacuum works on the same concept. The air moves and sucks the dust and other particles from the surface. The motor is the main part and it makes the fan to work and hence make it to suck the dirt from the surface.

This is the reason that whenever you buy a vacuum, shopkeeper and your experience tells you to check the suction of the vacuum. The answer of how does a vacuum cleaner work is in front of you and this is the air pressure, which makes the vacuum cleaner to work. The pressure should be higher outside the vacuum because this is the factor, which makes the vacuum cleaner to extract the dirt from the surface.


Vacuum Cleaner Precautions

Whenever you are using a vacuum cleaner make sure that it is not extracting huge materials like metals and other things because they can hinder the performance of the vacuum cleaner. The huge items such as metals and coins entered in the bag and stay there and sometimes they also get stuck and due to which vacuum cleaner cannot extract the dirt effectively.

This is not only for large items but also a small and thick item can make the air difference and due to which vacuum cannot clean the floor in a manner it used to when there is no such item present.

How to repair vacuum cleaners is the work of professional but if the vacuum is for the house hold use than you can check its suction properties, bag and fan whether it is working rightly. If the fan is not working properly you can easily replace it and can achieve the lost performance of your vacuum.

You must be aware of other important part of the vacuum cleaner that is bristle, which should not take or catch the carpet because when carpet is in its control it would not move properly and thus cannot extract the dirt effectively.

You may now ask how do you repair a vacuum cleaner, though it is a very difficult question but one can repair the vacuum if he wants to. However it involves very complex stages and so it is good to check it by the professional or the company whom who bought it.